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Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol dependency treatment is provided through the Teamsters Alcohol Rehabilitation Program (TARP). The program is offered to participants in the JBT Medical plan, Kaiser HMO and PacifiCare HMO.

This section covers:

For a complete description of your TARP benefits, refer to the “Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Benefits” section of the Summary Plan Description (1.1 MB PDF).

If you have questions about TARP, contact the program at 1-800-522-8277, or the JBT Administrative Office at 1-800-JBT-HELP (1-800-528-4357).

How TARP Works

If you have a dependency problem with alcohol or drugs, JBT urges you to contact TARP at 1-800-522-8277. The TARP program is an assessment and referral service. When you call TARP, you’ll connect to a coordinator who will talk with you about your problems and direct you to the appropriate resource for further assessment and treatment.

As with all of your health care benefits, your use of the TARP program is strictly confidential.

Pre-Authorization of Your Treatment

When seeking treatment, you first need to contact TARP at 1-800-522-8277. TARP must pre-authorize your care, and once authorized you will be referred to the appropriate provider. Alcohol and drug dependency treatments are available through a wide range of TARP-contracted providers, including outpatient facilities, day treatment and inpatient and residential programs.

If you use a facility that is not approved by TARP, no benefit is payable.

TARP Benefits

TARP pays for rehabilitation treatment for alcoholism and/or drug abuse. The TARP benefit includes:

  • Room and board
  • Doctor visits and counseling
  • Detoxification when provided as part of rehabilitation

For adults, the plan pays 100%, up to a maximum benefit of $6,000 per treatment. Benefits are limited to two courses of treatment per lifetime, separated by at least 36 months.

For dependent children under the age of 18, the coverage is limited to one course of treatment with a maximum benefit of $7,500.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact TARP to pre-authorize your care when seeking treatment for substance abuse issues. Learn more »


Teamsters Alcohol Rehabilitation Program (TARP)


JBT 1400 Hour Summary Plan Description (1.1 MB PDF)

JBT 1400 Hour SMM (32 KB PDF)

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